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Welding Chesterfield

Come and work with us

AC Engineering is the leading provider of metal fabrication services in Chesterfield. Our engineer workforce is well-equipped and well-trained in metal fabrication, welding, and cutting. We have the capability of manufacturing and joining quality metal pieces of various sizes and shapes.


All metal fabrication work takes place at our state-of-the-art facility, approximately 360 square metres. You won’t need to provide us with any materials because we store vast quantities of metal and stock materials at our facility for our clients’ metal fabrication projects. That way, we can boost production quality and speed simultaneously.


Our advanced welding facility features the very best welding technology and resources. Some of which include:


·  MIG/MAG Welders (British Standard Calibration)

·  Handheld Plasma Cutter

·  Guillotine

·  500-amp Welder Generators

·  CNC Plasma Table with HD True Hole Technology

·  Large Band Saw

·  Radial Arm Drill

·  Pyramid Rolls

·  200-Tonne Press Brake


All our welders and engineers possess the proper training, education, certifications, and experience to work on any welding project in Chesterfield. We can weld any metal structure weighing no more than 10 tonnes since that is the maximum weight we are able to lift with our equipment. Not too many other workshops in Chesterfield have such weight capabilities.


AC Engineering is ready to serve private and commercial clients in Chesterfield and throughout the rest of the United Kingdom. If you want to inquire about our welding services, you can reach us at 01433 623 626 or


In addition, mobile welding services are also available for small welding projects in Chesterfield. Contact us to learn more.

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