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Metal fabrications and structures cannot be installed without a powerful crane machine to lift them and put them down on the proper installation sites of a residential or commercial property. Only our crane machines can lift metal structures that weigh up to 200 tonnes. That is why you should request our cranage services whenever you need to transport and install a metal structure, whether we fabricated it or not.


AC Engineering is a renowned cranage service provider in Buxton. We have thousands of government, commercial, and residential clients throughout the region who have requested our cranage services to relocate their heavy metal structures. Our licenced crane operators take safety precautions to ensure a successful installation without damage or injuries.


If you have already hired us to fabricate your metal structure at our facility, we can use our advanced crane machines to deliver it to your address in Buxton. You’ll never need to worry about operating a crane machine yourself because our crane operators do all the hard work for you. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing your metal fabrications are getting installed without any issues. 


Do you want to know why you can trust AC Engineering? We are associated with NVQ, NPORS, EMSS, and the Mineral Products Qualifications Council. Only companies that have proven themselves professional can earn these designations and qualifications.


Call us at 01433 623 626, Arran Coupe at 07900 894 508, Director Scott Zubertowski at 07875 966 366 Manager, or email us at for more information on our fantastic cranage services in Buxton.

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