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Welding Buxton

Come and work with us

AC Engineering is the premier provider of professional welding services in Buxton. We use advanced high-tech facilities to perform the most crucial welding tasks, including TIG, MIG/MAG, and MMA welding. These facilities provide us with 360 square metres of workspace for handling large and multiple welding projects simultaneously.


In addition, we use innovative welding equipment for joining various types of metals quickly and easily, such as flux-cored/gasless, hard facing, stainless steel, and mild steel. Some of the equipment, resources, and tools we use for our welding work include:


·  500-amp Welder Generators

·  CNC Plasma Table with HD True Hole Technology 

·  Pyramid Rolls

·  200-Tonne Press Brake

·  MIG/MAG Welders (British Standard Calibration)

·  Handheld Plasma Cutter

·  Guillotine

·  Large Band Saw

·  Radial Arm Drill


AC Engineering employs welders who are highly skilled and well-trained in their field. They have proven themselves reliable in providing top-quality welding work for our clients in Buxton. We are a team of engineers and welders in a massive workshop ready to work fast and efficiently.


Between the talent of our welders and the size of our welding facilities, we can work on any size welding project. The only requirement is that your metal structure doesn’t weigh more than 10 tonnes. That isn’t a problem for more welding projects in Buxton. And if you need a mobile welding service for a much smaller welding project, we can deliver the service to your address in Buxton directly.


Contact us at 01433 623 626 or email us at to find out more details about our welding services in Buxton.

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