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Do you need to move or relocate a heavy metal fabrication or structure in Derby? Don’t worry, because you don’t need your own cranage machine or a licence to operate it. AC Engineering can provide a heavy-duty cranage machine and a licenced crane operator to deliver and install your metal structure on-site.


We have served local government, residential, and commercial clients for many years. If you need a small or large metal structure delivered to your property in Derby, we have the operators and resources to perform the job safely. Our crane operators and metal fabrication engineers work together to ensure a perfect installation without any damages or flaws.


Safety and security are our biggest priorities in every metal fabrication delivery and installation job. Our powerful cranes can safely haul metal structures weighing no more than 200 tonnes. Since most metal fabrications and structures weigh much less than 200 tonnes, hauling your metal structures should be no problem for us. In fact, you won’t even see a single scratch inflicted upon your metal structure after it has been installed. That is how careful we are to maintain safety.


Only trust a metal fabrication installer with the proper designations and associations next to their name. AC Engineering can be trusted because we are associated with NVQ, NPORS, EMSS, and the Mineral Products Qualifications Council. Few other companies in Derby can proudly say the same thing.


Do you have questions or requests regarding our professional cranage services in Derby? Call us at 01433 623 626 or email us at to get answers to your questions or your service requests fulfilled.

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