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AC Engineering is the leading provider of professional welding services in Stockport. Clients trust our company because we use innovative facilities with advanced technologies to perform various welding tasks, including MIG/MAG welding, TIG, and MMA.


We manage a 360-square-metre workshop, where we can work on larger welding projects. The sophisticated equipment at the workshop can join various types of metals, such as flux-cored/gasless, hard facing, stainless steel, and mild steel.


Here is a complete list of tools, resources, and equipment we use at our Stockport welding workshop:


·  Guillotine

·  CNC Plasma Table

·  HD True Hole Technology

·  200-Tonne Press Brake

·  Large Band Saw

·  Radial Arm Drill

·  Pyramid Rolls

·  MIG/MAG Welders (British Standard Calibration)

·  Handheld Plasma Cutter


Since AC Engineering has a massive workshop with plenty of space, we can handle welding projects of almost any shape or size. If your metal structure is no more than 10 tonnes in weight, we can lift it up and weld it in our workshop. Our engineer workforce has the best welding technology in the industry, so a project of this size is no problem.


Do you need a small metal structure welded locally? AC Engineering also provides mobile welding services to clients at their business or home addresses in Stockport. Our mobile welding team can perform the work on-site if the project uses lightweight materials and doesn’t require machines to perform heavy lifting.


Would you like to find out more details about our welding services in Stockport? If so, you can reach our team at 01433 623 626.

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