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Welding Barnsley

Come and work with us

AC Engineering provides professional welding services using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities in Barnsley. We have the technological capabilities to perform numerous forms of welding, including TIG, MIG/MAG, and MMA welding. In addition, our company performs this work at the best prices imaginable. 


Our sophisticated welding equipment is capable of adjoining the most common metal materials used to make metal structures, such as stainless steel, hard facing, flux-cored/gasless, and mild steel. We use a 360-square-metre workshop that is large enough to handle big and small welding projects in Barnsley. 


The equipment featured in our workshop includes:


  • Radial Arm Drill

  • CNC Plasma Table

  • Large Band Saw

  • Guillotine

  • Pyramid Rolls

  • MIG/MAG Welders (British Standard Calibration)

  • 200-Tonne Press Brake

  • HD True Hole Technology

  • Handheld Plasma Cutter


AC Engineering only employs the most skilled and experienced welders in the industry. As a result, you can expect premium-quality metalwork to get produced every time you hire us. We also offer plasma cutting, air arc gouging, and oxyfuel cutting services too. Just let us know what you need during your free consultation with our team, and we’ll happily accommodate your needs. 


Our welders and engineer workforce can work on metal structures weighing up to 10 tonnes. But if you have small welding projects that you prefer to be done locally, we can offer mobile welding services to you for added convenience. Lightweight materials must be used for these projects. 


Call us at 01433 623 626 or email us at to learn more about our various welding service options in Barnsley.

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