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Renewal of a Rotor Dryer and Cooler

Updated: May 19, 2020

During this project we visited site to assess the task to be carried out, we designed both new pieces of plant to deal with the tonnage the client required and configured the internals of the dryer and cooler to maximise the efficiency.

Once the design was finalised we began the fabrication of the new plant in our workshop.

Whilst the fabrication was taking place, we had a team onsite to start the dismantling stage of the existing plant and started the preparation for the arrival of the new plant to be installed.

Once both dryer and cooler were moved into position we then married up the feed for the dryer by extending the existing feed conveyor and swapping the drive motor to the opposite side.

With the new plant being bigger we were required to modify the existing 400mm diameter ducting to both the dryer and cooler.

After all fabrication and alteration work was complete we were then able inspect both items, test run and finally commission both dryer and cooler.


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